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Useful Property Contacts – Project Management


If you’re looking for complete management of your property investment or development, there are many ways in which property project management can benefit your venture. A professional project management company can coordinate your project from its early inception right through to completion in a controlled, structured manner. They should also provide you with expert strategic property advice, a feasibility assessment, skilled resources, design management and a whole lot more.
By choosing a reputable project management team you can avoid taking unnecessary risks and gain expert consultancy on the fast changing nature of the property market. At Property Advice Blog we recognise the long term benefits of reliable project management thanks to services such as risk assessment and quality control. Read on to discover how specific skills, resources and property advice can be implemented to help your project reach its full potential.

Project Management will generally involve:

A Client Representative

This individual will act as a negotiator and facilitator, representing and working on behalf of the client for a number of purposes. Part of their job as a representative will include tendering for property, contract negotiations, administration, reporting back to the client, problem solving and advising.

Construction Management

A construction manager should work closely with the construction contractor’s team, providing skilled resources when necessary and ensuring the smooth running of the construction side of the project. The construction manager would typically work in partnership with the construction team as they plan and construct your project together.

Design Management

Design Management involves assisting the construction contractor’s team by providing skilled resources and design related property advice. This service can incorporate all aspects of design, as the design manager makes relevant decisions on how to optimise the project’s resources.

Due diligence

The term ‘due diligence’ is often used to describe the process of attaining a high standard of service through investigation and analysis in a given period of time. The period of ‘due diligence’ can enable the project management team to reduce risks and ensure a positive outcome. In terms of property this time can be used to review finances and paperwork, as well as the physical property or site.

Procurement Management

A procurement manager is responsible for the appointment and negotiation of property contractors and services involved in your project. A good procurement manager will utilise corporate strategies in order to find the most effective services and contractors for maximum long term benefit and profitability.

Program Management

This job requires the program manager to develop and monitor the project in order to achieve quality results. A program manager will typically monitor the project schedule, ensure adherence to high standards from every sector, track finances, monitor the project plan and push for high performance objectives.

Project Directorship

This individual will be responsible for the strategic elements of the project, providing expert property advice to the project team which will benefit both the client and the project management company. Project directors will work towards achieving an advantage over business competitors by providing a client driven service which is unique and forward thinking.

Project Feasibility

The feasibility of the project will be studied at many stages of the venture. This study will consider whether the project is worthwhile both financially and environmentally. Other aspects of project feasibility may include legal, technical and logistical issues.

Project Management

The project manager is ultimately in charge of the project from its early beginnings, to the end. This individual will be required to achieve the client’s objectives, co-ordinating all aspects of the project, whilst adhering to constraints in time, budget and resources.

Project/property advice regarding agreement for leases

Many project management teams will negotiate the purchase or lease of suitable land plots and properties. The project management team may also intercede in order to find a reasonable lease agreement for both parties.

Relocation Management

This service allows clients to move to a new location quickly and easily, co-ordinating all aspects of corporate and residential relocation. A relocation manager can connect clients with contractors and architects as well as removal and real estate companies.

Risk Management

The risk management coordinator will be responsible for assessing project risk from the initial stages through to its completion. A risk manager will identity the major risks to the project, creating strategies to avoid, minimise or deal with risks through ongoing reviews and analysis.