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The Ultimate Guide To Removals in Pimlico


Whether you are moving house to Pimlico for work or because you have found a better home, you need to be prepared for the task and plan the removal in detail. The removal process is time-consuming and requires hard work. You should hire the pros to help you which will reduce the stress significantly. Even if you hire a removals company to complete the whole move for you, you will have to carry out certain activities on your own.


Declutter your home


Before you start packing and buying removal boxes and packing supplies you should declutter your home to reduce the amount of goods you will be moving. This will reduce the price of the house removal and the amount of effort you will have to invest in the moving process. Dispose of the rubbish in an eco-friendly way by hiring a professional rubbish collection service. They will collect your waste and transport it to the local recycling centre. If you don’t want to spend money on rubbish disposal you can do it yourself but you should keep in mind that you need to sort your rubbish before transporting it to the recycling facility.


If you want to remove items that are in good condition you can donate them to a charitable organisation in Pimlico. Give them away and you will help the people in need. It is a win-win situation. There are charities that will come to your address to take your items so you won’t have to lift a finger to dispose of them.


Choose a removal company


The next thing to do is create a detailed moving checklist. Set a moving date and time and list the items you are planning on moving. Then you should contact several removal companies in Pimlico and request a free quote. If a removals are reliable they will offer you a free estimate. This will help them choose a van that will fit all your possessions and give you an accurate quotation. Compare removals prices and select the service that accommodates your moving budget. Don’t settle for the cheapest removal service before checking whether it is reliable and efficient.  Your removals company should have the experience and expertise to cover all your removals needs. Don’t compromise on the quality of service as this can cost you lots of money; you can end up with a lot of damaged or lost goods and if the company is not insured you will have to cover the expenses.


Think About Parking

Most removals companies ask their clients to arrange a parking space in Pimlico for their vans. They can get fined if you don’t have a parking permit on the day of your move and you will cover this expense. Arrange it ahead of time to avoid paying extra charges.

Start packing the essentials

Start packing a month or two before the house removal. If you hire Pimlico removals to pack your stuff then you will have nothing to worry about. Some removals will offer you to buy the packing supplies from them. If you accept their offer you can get a discount as you will be using 2 of their services. Even if you hire removals to help you pack, you will have to prepare an emergency kit and box with essentials. Your essentials box should include toiletries, sheets, towels, cleaning products and snacks i.e. things you will need on the first day after your move. You can transport it by car on in the van – this should be the last box to load in the van.

Unpack room by room

Once you transport your possessions to your new home you should start unpacking. Unpack room by room to avoid making a mess. Arrange your new home as you unpack and dispose of the packing materials as soon as you finish unpacking a room. Removing the clutter while unpacking will make the process easier and more organised.

Dispose of the packing materials and boxes the eco-friendly way

Consider recycling the removal boxes in order to keep the environment clean. You can keep some of the boxes for storage purposes and reuse them. The rest should be disposed of in a green way. You can ask your friends and family whether they are planning on moving soon and provide them with the boxes and packaging they need.

Follow this guide and enjoy a problem-free and pleasant house removal!

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