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Pollinators and Flowers: Welcome Your Garden Guests With Their Favourites


Open light and bright sunlight in your garden will certainly invite several guests to give you moments of pleasure. Your children and grandchildren would be extremely happy while spending time with these beautiful pollinators.

Firstly, you must bear in your mind that your garden must have multi-collared flowering plants. You should plan in such a way that in every season you have flowers blooming in your garden. This will be an open invitation to all pollinators and your garden will be the happiest place around.

Here is a brief account of some of the most common pollinators and their favourite flowers.


Ants generally like pollen and nectar but they are not very good pollinators. Nature maintains its own mechanism and that is why many of the plants have sticky hairs and other protective mechanisms to keep the ants away.


Flowers that are large in size, light in colour, and blooming in the nights are the most preferred by bats. Such type of flowers generally have strong fruity odour. Several varieties of cactus flowers are of this type. Bats have exceptional smelling power and the odour of flowers attract them most.


Bees and honeybees love flowers of almost every type. Particularly flowers with yellow, blue, and purple colours are preferred by bees. You will find hundreds of species of bees all around the world and therefore their specific preference for flowers would also vary from place to place.


Beetles are incapable of seeing colours and therefore flowers with light colours and specifically the white flowers attract those most. Along with the colour fragrance of the flowers also determine their choices. Potatoes and roses are most favourite plants for beetles.


Butterflies require a safe landing prior to their feeding. Flat-topped-clusters are the best landing grounds for these butterflies. For this specific purpose ‘zinnias, calendulas, and butterfly weeds suit the most. Butterflies generally like the flowers with Red, orange, yellow, pink, and blue colours.

Carrion-eating flies

For carrion-eating flies the foul odour is the key attractor. Flowers with maroon and brown colours like wild ginger are one of the preferred varieties. Many of such flies are also inclined towards simple bowl-shaped flowers and cluster of flowers. Some of them although like flowers with green, white, and cream colours as well.


For hummingbirds lots of nectar is the prime attracting factor. Flowers with red, purple, colour and tubular profile are the favourite destinations for them. Hummingbirds survive solely on the flowers. Hummingbirds keep on hovering during the whole feeding time and that is why doing not require a flat landing area. Some of the favourite flowers of the hummingbirds include sages, fuchsias, honeysuckles, nasturtiums, columbines, and bee balms.


Moths are dusk lovers and that is why flowers with light colours are the favourite ones for them. Specifically the flowers that open up at dusk like evening primroses are the ones that moths generally like.